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Webs seen at night emphasizing how dangerous they are in low light conditions.


"Webs are long dark strands of material that are most commonly found in forests, but have been documented attached to other vertical structures. They make no sound until very close and are easy to miss if caution isn't taken. These traits make these areas afflicted particularly deadly to explorers who prefer to traverse during evenings and in low-light environments. After coming into contact with a web, you will immediately start to feel a burning pain that will not subside for some time after contact."
  • Web anomalies have the appearance of long dark tendrils, commonly attached to trees or buildings.
  • Web anomalies appear very often near the player's spawn point and are often missed by inexperienced players.
  • Webs have an initial damage effect, followed by a damage over time effect that often results in death from full health.
  • Webs sound like knives being sharpened if you are in a dangerous proximity.
  • Currently can spawn high in the air or under the ground as a glitch. These webs can still cause harm and are best identified by sound.

Locations found: Forests