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The Stomper Anomaly

"Explorers and researchers have reported hearing but not seeing, a giant invisible creature lurking around the Radius; identified only by the sounds of heavy rhythmic stepping. To be clear, there are no documented cases of it's effects, reports have varied from those who believe it will crush anything with hundreds of tons of weight. Other theories include that it only damages equipment, or that it can't affect anything at all."
  • Stomper Anomalies or "Stompers" are identified by a loud stomping sound and large plumes of dust that are kicked up around it.
  • Stomper Anomalies deal large amount of damage upon contact.
  • Stompers have been known to chase a player down should it notice them, stealth is advised.
  • Stompers are not enemies and therefore can not be damaged.
  • May be a reference to The Dunwich Horror.

Locations Encountered: Bolotki Village, Eastern Swamp