Fragment[edit | edit source]

Fragment.jpg Fragments (sometimes referred to as ghost due to their translucent bodies) are humanoid in appearance, although it is unclear whether the material they are composed of is biological in origin. We have observed over time that the bodies of Fragments have a texture reminiscent similar to rubber and of wool, and though they are not as warm as living human beings, their body temperature is higher than that of inanimate objects.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Spawn.jpg Spawns (also commonly referred to as Spiders) are fast-moving, they are comprised mostly of a tangle of up to 12 ‘legs’, measuring around 40cm in size. Spawns are accompanied by a distinct buzzing sound, their favored tactic is to spring jump at prey from a distance.

Harvester[edit | edit source]

The Harvester is described as a floating shifting mass of brownish-grey inorganic material with dark tendrils extending out from the main body mass. It is estimated to be 15-20 meters in size and floats 18-25 meters above the ground. As the Harvester floats through the air, it occasionally spawns humanoid figures in its vicinity. We call these figures "Shades"(aka "homunculi"). They don't last long, but the Harvester has the ability to summon an unlimited number of Shades over time.

Mimic[edit | edit source]

Mimics appear to be a silhouette replica of a military soldier, even appearing to be equipped with firearms. They are entirely composed of black material and have been observed ‘firing’ on UNPSC explorers in the field.  

Slider[edit | edit source]

Slider.png Sliders are tall, humanoid in appearance, completely black with white eye sockets and sporting the curious feature of a black halo around their heads. Sliders resemble Fragments—humanoid features, sharp claws, highly aggressive temper, they move by teleporting across short distances.

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