Into The Radius VR Wiki


Side missions are selected from the terminal in the main base. Any mission that is not urgent can be considered a side mission and they come in a range of varieties and difficulties. Unlike the story missions, aborting a side mission will result from it being removed from the terminal and replaced with a different one. As players progress through the story, the pay out and difficulties of the side missions will increase accordingly.

Artifact Run[]

This can include any artifact except for the Grail. A red circle will outline where an anomaly field with the corresponding artifact will be on the player's map.

Two of any Kind Payout: 300$

Steps Payout: 300$-500$

Regen Payout: 750$ - 900$

Blank Payout: 210$

Time Bubble Payout: 1080$

Night Eye Payout: 330$ - 660$

Core Retrieval[]

This can include collecting a single or multiple cores from any of the hostile entities in the game excluding the Harvester and Homunculi. A red circle will outline where entities of the required core type can be found on the player's map.

Spawn Payout: 200$ - 400$

Fragment Payout: 210-400$

Mimic Payout: 1000$

Slider Payout: 960$

Species Research[]

This can include taking a picture of any hostile enemy with the camera found in the science equipment store tab. Once a proper photo is taken "Nice Shot" will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating that the objective is completed. If another photo is taken with the same camera, it will say "This camera already has a photo". A red circle will outline where entities needed for photography are found, although you do not need to take a picture from the enemies in that specific area


Spawn Payout: 600$

Fragment Payout:

Mimic Payout: 700$

Slider Payout: 1000$

Asset Recovery[]

A red circle will outline where the cannister can be found for pick up.

Ground Sample Payout: 500$

A Ground Sample

Foliage Sample Payout: 600$

Film Sample Payout: 900$