Into The Radius VR Wiki

These missions progress the main storyline and are not repeatable.


Into the Radius, fresh Stalker.

"NOTIFICATION: Due to a period of inactivity longer than one year, your previous contract has been terminated. Press ACCEPT to reinstate your UNPSC service contract as Explorer 61."
  • Simply proceed through the tutorial and follow the instructions found at the glowing particle effects until you meet Katya for the first time and proceed into Vanno (home base).

"People around here tend to forget things and wander around confused. Then it gets worse... but you're alive! We need to make sure you stay that way." -Katya

Dark Cores[]

Fragment Core

There are two story based Dark Core missions, the first in the tutorial and the second in Vanno that serves as an introduction to the Radius.

"Some Changed species will leave an artifact after death, we call them Dark Cores. We need you to get some fresh samples and hurry back. These cores will decay with time."

  • Primary Objective (tutorial): Bring back translucent Fragment Core. Reward: 400$
  • Primary Objective (first mission): Bring back Core Artifact of any species. Reward: 450$

The Black Box[]

Helicoptor Black Box

"A helicopter unit crashed inside the Radius. We need to recover the black box from one of the machines to understand what the case was. Be careful about the large anomaly field around the crash site."
  • Primary Objective: Recover the black box from swamp crash site. Reward: 600$
  • Intel: A stash with an old sniper rifle is hidden in the construction zone. Get it if you prefer precision shooting.

Second Chance[]

The Second Helicopter Crash

"The black box you recovered from the crashed helicopter was severely damaged and can't be used. Go to the second crash site near Bolotki Village and retrieve another Black Box."
  • Primary Objective: Recover the black box from the crash site near Bolotki Village. Reward: 900$
  • Optional Objective: Eliminate 2 Mimic in the village near the crash site. Reward: 300$

The Harvester[]

Approach with caution.

"The helicopter black box you recovered mentions a large floating creature. We need you to get a photo to understand what it is."
  • Primary Objective: Take a photo of the floating creature last spotted in the indicated location. Reward: 1500$
  • Optional Objective: Eliminate 4 Homunculi that are escorting the Harvester. Reward: 500$
  • Intel: Beware of gas! You can find the camera in the ruined house.

Additional Notes:

  • The player can also buy a camera in the science equipment tab of the shop.
  • There will be a caption at the bottom of the screen saying, "Nice Shot!" when a successful picture is taken.
  • The Harvester will not spawn Homunculi until aggressive action is taken against it, or it sees you.

Classified Information[]

Retrieve the documents

"There is a folder of classified information on Pechorsk events, should be hidden in a secret catacombs under the motor pool. But the door to the catacombs can only be opened by turning the generator on at the factory."
  • Primary Objective: Retrieve the documents from catacombs under the motor pool. Reward: 4500$
  • Optional Objective: Bring back Time Bubble artifact. There should be one at the indicated location. Reward: 1500$
  • Intel: Turn on generator at the factory to open the catacombs doors.

Additional Data[]

Weather Monitor

"The documents you've recovered show that we can get additional information from weather monitors that have been placed years ago. Go to Komarovo train station, secure the area and return all the monitors."
  • Primary Objective: Bring back 3 weather monitors from the Train Station region. Reward: 6000$
  • Optional Objective: Clear the railway platform at the Train Station of any species. Reward: 2000$
  • Intel: A stash with a submachine gun is hidden on the tracks. Get it if you need more firepower.

Castle Siege[]

The Castle

"All gathered information makes us think that the old castle contains some unique artifact that we've never met before: go there and find it. But be extremely cautious, unique artifact may mean unique dangers."
  • Primary Objective: Get the Grail artifact from the old castle. Reward: 9000$
  • Optional Objective: Secure the apartments at Kolhoz. Reward: 2500$
  • Intel: A stash with ammo and explosives will be handy if there will be heavy resistance.

Final Mission - Descent into the Mines[]

Proceed with caution.

This is the final mission in the game and can not be returned from. It is not accepted from the terminal and instead begins upon entering the large disembodied hands next to the exit of Vanno that appear after finishing Castle Siege.
  • Primary Objective: Find Katya in the Mines. Reward: Victory is it's own reward.
  • Optional Objective: ???