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"The Haze anomaly appears to be a green floating cloud of highly toxic gas, which never disperses and always moves within a set pattern. The anomaly's effects are similar to that of Dichlorodiethyl sulfide {Mustard Gas} (chemical burns, respiratory system bleeding), and begin immediately after inhalation or contact with the skin."
  • Haze can be identified by a cloud of green gas that travels across the ground.
  • Haze follows a set path and when it reaches the end it disappears and reappears at the beginning.
  • The Haze anomaly makes a hissing sound like gas coming out of a bottle, this is the easiest way of identifying it's presence.
  • Haze will do small amounts of damage and will cause the player to cough, alerting enemies to their location.

Locations Encountered: Canyon, Bolotki Village