Into The Radius VR Wiki


Fragment.jpg Fragments (sometimes referred to as ghost due to their translucent bodies) are humanoid in appearance, although it is unclear whether the material they are composed of is biological in origin. We have observed over time that the bodies of Fragments have a texture reminiscent similar to rubber and of wool, and though they are not as warm as living human beings, their body temperature is higher than that of inanimate objects.

There are two kinds of Fragments: A translucent/light and a dark.

  • Translucent/Light Fragments are very easy to kill in about 1-2 pistol caliber shots or 1 knife stab and will disappear immediately. However they are difficult to spot and can easily sneak up on you.
  • Dark Fragments are less translucent but require more damage to kill, taking multiple pistol or assault rifle rounds, or one good hit with a shotgun or large rifle (7.62x54R).
  • When "killed" their mass circles around an orb similar looking the the one at the center of the Pechorsk radius. You must destroy this orb by stabbing or shooting it. If the orb is not destroyed after about ~15 seconds the dark Fragment will respawn at full health and will try to find and attack you again.
  • Both emit the same sounds of growling, and regardless of where they walk it sounds like they are walking in mud puddles so you should be able hear them even if you do not see them.
  • The growling sound can alert other enemies in the area.
  • Fragments are very common in the radius, with the likelyhood of dark Fragments increasing the deeper you go.
  • Both types of Fragment drop a Fragment Core. The value of the core is the same for light and dark Fragments.
  • It is difficult to see and hit the head of a light Fragment, but doing so should result in a kill with one shot of a pistol.


Spawn.jpg Spawns (also commonly referred to as Spiders) are fast-moving, they are comprised mostly of a tangle of up to 12 ‘legs’, measuring around 40cm in size. Spawns are accompanied by a distinct buzzing sound, their favored tactic is to spring jump at prey from a distance. They have little health but they seem to get stronger closer to the radius, their health ranges from 1-2 pistol shots or knife stabs.
  • Spawns can be difficult to deal with due to their high speed, small body, and frequent changing of direction when close to the player. The Spawn is the only enemy that can outrun the player, and attacks frequently, meaning that if you try to run away it will quickly kill you.
  • When engaging a group of enemies that include a Spawn, the Spawn may be the most dangerous if left alone. Retreat from the other enemies if possible and handle the Spawn on its own.
  • Crouching makes them easier to deal with as it brings them to eye level, especially on flat surfaces like roads.
  • The most cost-effective method to kill a Spawn at a distance is with a scoped intermediate caliber rifle (35-40 damage per bullet) (any rifle NOT chambered in 9x39mm or 7.62x54R).
  • When a Spawn jumps up to attack you, it no longer tracks your position. It is possible to side-step a pouncing Spawn, causing it to miss and hit the ground instead. When this happens it will sit motionless for ~5 seconds, making it is easy to shoot or stab. If you take too long, it will hop up and continue to chase/attack you.
  • You can block a spawn's attack by using your backpack or map as a shield


Harvesterphoto.png The Harvester is described as a floating shifting mass of brownish-grey inorganic material with dark tendrils extending out from the main body mass. It is estimated to be 15-20 meters in size and floats a meter above the ground. As the Harvester floats through the air, it occasionally spawns humanoid figures in its vicinity. We call these figures "Shades"(aka "homunculi"). They don't last long, but the Harvester has the ability to summon an unlimited number of Shades over time. The harvester has a large amount of health making him basically invincible.
  • The Harvester is one of two enemies that don't drop anything upon death
  • The Harvester has the largest health pool, it is not recommended to fight for this reason


Homunculiimage.png Shades are similar in their appearance to Sliders but their functionality is similar to that of Mimics. They wield a pistol and hold it sideways while shuffling towards their target. They are not nearly as deadly as Mimics because of their poor accuracy, but they make up for that in numbers spawned by the Harvester, about 3-4 at a time. See above regarding the Harvester.


Mimicphoto.png Mimics appear to be a silhouette replica of a military soldier, even appearing to be equipped with firearms. They are entirely composed of black material and have been observed ‘firing’ on UNPSC explorers in the field. They seem to "speak" in a distorted low voice "where are you" when it has engaged with an enemy and "there you are" when the see you again. Their effective range can vary as some will see you from well over 75m an others wont see you until you are within about 10-30m.
  • There are three types of Mimics. The first type of Mimic uses a Makarov and shoots one shot every few seconds, the second type uses an AKM and fires both single shots and short bursts, while the third variation uses some sort of long rifle, likely a Mosin or something similar.
  • All Mimics drop a Mimic Core of the same value, regardless of the weapon it uses.
  • The guns appear to be empty as they do not have magazines inserted while the Mimic is holding them.
  • The Mimics do not drop their firearms when they die. Instead the gun vanishes when they fall to the ground.
  • Find cover and engage from a distance when possible. Sniping is a preferable tactic.
  • They will take 2-3 shots to kill from most guns. Exception being shotguns and large caliber rifles. Do not mistake them as easy to kill though, as they WILL be shooting back most of the time, and are never alone.
  • Headshots seem to do more damage, with some dying from 2 shots from a pistol.


Slider.png Sliders are tall, humanoid in appearance, completely black with white eye sockets and sporting the curious feature of a black halo around their heads. Sliders resemble Fragments —humanoid features, sharp claws, highly aggressive temper— but they move by teleporting across short distances. You can tell where they are moving to by the "Stretching/ Teleporting" that distorts their body in the direction they teleport. They are slow to attack and you can move away from it easily before it attacks.
  • Found almost exclusively in the northern side of the map. Starting around sector 4.
  • When idle they will sporadically move around, making the teleporting noise which gives them away really easily.
  • They cannot teleport through walls but can teleport up/down to reach roofs or the ground.
  • Their line of sight is easy to break just move out of their LOS after they teleport.
  • After moving, Sliders will not attack or move again for a solid 1-2 seconds, providing an opportunity to step back and put a few in its head.
  • Headshots do matter and they are relatively easy to land.
  • A sawn-off shotgun is a good early weapon to use against Sliders, as a single buckshot round is enough to kill it, and the short effective range/accuracy of the sawn off is moot when the enemy places itself less than a meter infront of you.