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A single two story dormitory building with a parking lot in front surrounded by sound barriers. Many Dark Fragments and Spawns patrol the front of the building and will swarm you if alerted. Some Dark Fragments may even be inside of the building. This building is very dangerous to approach recklessly and it's recommended to approach at night. The main portion of the building contains a lot of Grass Anomalies and Glowing Goo, and doesn't contain much loot outside of a single body in the central lobby. There is a climbable window barring at the back of the building that leads into a hideaway used by a previous stalker. This location is very close to the edge of the zone, making it easy to return to Vanno. This location takes less than a day to loot and is easy unless exploring the main portion of the building; it is recommended to avoid the main part of the building as there's very little documented loot compared to the risk involved.


Enemies Anomalies
  • Hollow Fragments
  • Dark Fragments
  • Spawns
  • Grass
  • Distortion
  • Reflector

Points of Interest[]

Green Goo[]

Unique to Dorms, a glowing green goo of unknown origin oozes from the ceiling over the staircase and the second floor. The properties of the goo are unknown.

The glowing green goo.

Loot Locations[]

Main Building[]

Stalker Hideaway[]


  • A note can be found in the dorms explaining that there is a hidden weapon under a couch cushion in the “Tilting Tower” at the Train Yard.