Into The Radius VR Wiki


"Distortion anomalies appear to produce an area of mirage-like spatial distortion between seven to nine meters in diameter and are mostly semi-transparent with sharp angular faces. When coming into contact with a Distortion anomaly, they cause a chaotic shift in carbon bonds—basically, your body is reconfigured at the molecular level and falls apart if you stay in too long."
  • The player will receive damage as long as they are inside the distortions area of effect.
  • Distortions are identifiable by their clear gas-like distortion only about a foot in diameter in the center of the anomaly.
  • Throwing probes is the best way to locate Distortions.
  • Upon triggering the anomaly, a translucient polygonal field will appear for 10-15 seconds.
  • Distortions make a "wubba-wubba" sound upon activation.
  • Distortions also damage equipment while inside their circumference.
  • Commonly found around Reflector anomalies.
  • placing an object in the anomaly will cause it to continuously trigger, making it visible until the next game load.

Locations encountered: Any open field or forest and along roads/railways.