Blanks[edit | edit source]

image Blank artifacts have the appearance of semi-transparent stacked circular torus rings, with the average diameter size of a bracelet. Blanks are called so, because they apparently don't do anything. But, at least Blanks are relatively easy cash that you can find all across the Radius.

Dark Cores[edit | edit source]

Slider core dropped from one of the sliders found in the swamp east of Bolotki Village.

Slider Core

Dark Cores are the remnants from the unique Radius species that now inhabit Pechorsk. They are composed of a dark inner material and emit a reddish glow. Cores are left behind by Radius species after they are eliminated and begin to rapidly decay within hours.
  • The cores of Fragments resemble a cross between a shattered christmas decoration and a Calabi-Yau-manifold
  • The cores of Mimics look like a weaved nest with a unique triangular pyramid in the middle.
  • The cores of Spawns appear similar to möbius strips fused together.
  • The cores of Sliders look comparible to a fragmented washer bolt.

Night Eyes[edit | edit source]

Night Eye

Night eyes are called as such because of their distinct appearance resembling a glass eyeball. Night Eyes give you something similar to night vision. Be careful, though: side-effects could include sustained retinal damage if you accidentally find yourself under strong lighting while using a Night Eye.

Regen[edit | edit source]

image The Regen artifact has the appearance of a morphing, semi-transparent demi-hypercube. By squeezing a Regen, it will fuse with your soft tissue and enter your cardiovascular system, healing your entire body.

Steps[edit | edit source]

Steps Artifact

The Step artifact is similar in appearance to a semi-transparent rhombic hexecontahedron. When the artifact is activated by squeezing, it causes you to leave a trail of visibly illuminated footsteps behind that stay visible for hours.

Time Bubble[edit | edit source]

image The Time Bubble artifact has the appearance described as a semi-transparent semiregular polytope. Crack open a Time Bubble and you've got an invisible sphere that will slow aggressive species, giving you fifteen seconds to mount a defense—or get away.
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