Grass[edit | edit source]

image Grass anomalies typically appear indoors in darkened areas growing from floors and walls and are sensitive to light sources. When coming into contact with Grass anomaly, they cause a small amount of immediate harm.

Green Goo[edit | edit source]

Green Goo

A green luminescent anomaly that can be found hanging from ceilings. It can be seen from quite a distance at night due to how bright it glows. Currently the effects of interacting with the goo are unknown, since it's so easy to avoid, and no one has been brave enough to touch it on purpose yet.

Distortion[edit | edit source]


Distortion anomalies appear to produce an area of mirage-like spatial distortion between seven to nine meters in diameter.and are mostly semi-transparent with sharp angular faces. When coming into contact with a Distortion anomaly, they cause a chaotic shift in carbon bonds—basically, your body is reconfigured at the molecular level and falls apart if you stay in too long.

Haze[edit | edit source]


The Haze anomaly appears to be a green floating cloud of highly toxic gas, which never disperses and always moves within a set pattern. The anomaly's effects are similar to that of Dichlorodiethyl sulfide (chemical burns, respiratory system bleeding), and begin immediately after inhalation or contact with the skin.

Reflector[edit | edit source]

Reflector Anomaly

The reflector anomaly appears to be a transparent pulsing dome, seven to nine meters in diameter. This dangerous anomaly projects any non-organic object back the way it came, with supersonic speed while also heating it by several hundred degrees. If you walk into a Reflector, it will throw you back several meters and emit a sound.

Shock[edit | edit source]

image The telltale signs of a Shock anomaly are the loud cracking electrical noises it produces. This anomaly is particularly dangerous because it is completely invisible until triggered. The Shock discharges a massive electrical charge into anyone or anything that gets too close to it.

Sigil[edit | edit source]

image The Sigil anomaly can be spotted by it's distinct large circular dark ring on the ground, denoting the anomaly field boundaries. The Sigil is essentially a trap. When you walk into one, your movement is slowed and the anomaly itself emits a high-pitched sound that attracts any Radius entities within earshot. If you do cross into a Sigil, get out as soon as you can, make sure your firearm’s safety is disengaged and prepare for a fight.

Stomper[edit | edit source]

image Explorers and researchers have reported hearing, but not seeing, a giant invisible creature lurking around the Radius, identified only by the sounds of heavy rhythmic stepping. To be clear, There are no documented cases of it's effects, reports have varied from those who believe it will crush anything with hundreds of tons of weight. Other theories include that it only damages equipment, or that it can't affect anything at all.

Web[edit | edit source]

Webs seen at night emphasizing how dangerous they are in low light conditions.


Webs are long dark strands of material that are most commonly found in forests, but have been documented attached to other vertical structures.  

They are totally silent and completely deadly, making Webs a particular threat to explorers who prefer to traverse during evenings and in low-light environments. After coming into contact with a web, you will immediately start to feel a burning pain that will not subside for some time after contact.

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