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The AKM can be bought from the store at Vanno for a price of $3000.

The AKM can also be found inside of metal crates in Pobeda, Kolkhoz, and Castle

There is an AKM stash underneath a truck in Pobeda.


The AKM, like all AK style rifles, is suppressible using the 7.62 Suppressor. The AKM is also compatible with the Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher, which allows for a secondary firing mode, which can be activated by gripping the firearm with two hands and pressing the fire button on the non-dominant hand. The AKM is compatible with both the Cobra RDS and the PSO-1. Both of these are sights, meaning only one can be equipped at a time.

The AKM now has picatinny rail attachments attaching your favorite scopes and lasers.